Global Social Transformation and Social Action. Participators:

A photo of Fryshuset


Fryshuset is a foundation, based in Stockholm, that operates nationwide and with international exchanges. In addition to numerous social projects and youth related recreational activities, Fryshuset also provides education in various forms. During the conference a group of former students at the Aesthetics program’s Creative writing course will give performances under the collective title Words & Action.

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A photo of Malcolm Payne

Malcolm Payne

Policy and Development Advisor, St Christopher's Hospice, professor, social worker, writer and blogger. Malcolm Payne is based at St Christopher's Hospice in London and Opole University Poland. He has worked in the state and voluntary social services and in academic posts in the UK. He is author of many articles and books on social work and healthcare subjects.

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A photo of Chakib Benmoussa

Chakib Benmoussa

President of the Economic and Social Council of Morocco. Chakib Benmoussa has had a long career as a top politician and public servant in Morocco. Between 2006 and 2010, he was Interior Minister and the lead negotiator for the Moroccan side in the Western Sahara conflict. He holds a Master of Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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A photo of Mehdi Gharbi

Mehdi Gharbi

For more than a decade Mehdi Gharbi was the secret editor of the Tunis News newsletter. His critical articles about the regime were a part of the opposition that initiated the Arab Spring. All directed from his home in Stockholm. In January 2012, Mehdi Gharbi was granted the Martin Luther King Award, founded by different Swedish civil society organisations as way to honour Dr. King’s legacy of hope and reconciliation.

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