Human Rights and Social Equality

A photo of Fryshuset


Fryshuset is a foundation, based in Stockholm, that operates nationwide and with international exchanges. In addition to numerous social projects and youth related recreational activities, Fryshuset also provides education in various forms. During the conference a group of former students at the Aesthetics program’s Creative writing course will give performances under the collective title Words & Action.

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A photo of Maria Larsson

Maria Larsson

Maria Larsson, Minister for Children and the Elderly, Swedish Government Maria Larsson areas of responsibility includes Public health and social services. Since 2003 she is also First Deputy Chair on the Swedish Christian Democrats.

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A photo of Thomas Hammarberg

Thomas Hammarberg

Thomas Hammarberg, Immediate Past Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe Thomas Hammarberg has occupied a number of international top positions and is one of Sweden’s most experienced Human Rights defenders. As early as 1977 he received the Nobel Peace Price on behalf of Amnesty International, as chairman of the Swedish section. The rights of children and refugees are considered special interest of Mr Hammarberg. He was involved in the birth of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and he later took part in the UN expert committee responsible for monitoring how the ratifying member stats fulfil their obligations towards children.

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A photo of Vishanthie Sewpaul

Vishanthie Sewpaul

Vishanthie Sewpaul, Senior Professor, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Vishanthie Sewpaul is actively involved in several national structures on the cutting edge of policy and standards development in social work in post-apartheid South Africa, and in developing social work in Africa

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A photo of Tom Shakespeare

Tom Shakespeare

Technical officer, World Health Organization Tom Shakespeare joined the Disability and Rehabilitation Team (DAR) in the Department of Violence and Injury Prevention and Disability in March 2008. He is an author and editor of the World report on disability and is part of the team working on the launch and implementation of the Report. His collaborations across WHO include several projects with the Reproductive Health Research department. Dr Shakespeare is also a member of the WHO Ethics Review Committee.

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